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    Zaim will offer its members global access to income-generating real estate investment opportunities at a fraction of the typical fees and timelines currently associated with investing in real estate. Search from a portfolio of hundreds of these investment opportunities across the Global Real Estate market. Customizable search options available for locations, deal size and return expectations.

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    Analyze the deal as well as the portfolio level returns for different real estate asset classes across different markets globally. Zaim will use its experience curating, vetting and rating investment deals to allow its investors to access the additional opportunities through its platform.

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    The platform provides an excellent and intuitive user experience to help individuals and businesses invest. Each step of a transaction within this platform will be logged on the blockchain. This allows investors to track the movement of their funds as well as the investment behavior and payback history of the assets of which they own an interest.

  • Earn

    The property-specific smart contract will ensure that investors receive passive income on a monthly basis. Appreciation in the VRT token value and increase in the underlying property value (realized when the asset is disposed of) will generate other sources of income for the investors. Thus, the investors on the Zaim platform will have exposure to both Real Estate and Cryptocurrency markets - both of which are known to be uncorrelated.

Zaim Tools

Zaim offers different tool for channel partners like Real Estate CRM for
Real Estate Companies to manage, market & close deals, Zaim VRMS for
Vacation Rental and Property management companies, Well Designed
websites & marketing tools.


Real Estate CRM

Manage multiple properties and maintain seamless communication with landlords, tenants and service providers completely hassle-free.

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Vacation Rental Software

At Zaim, we provide a Vacation Rental Management System, VRMS, to support agencies managing substantial numbers of properties.

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Zaim Investment Platform

Everything you need, all in one place. Find the right investment property for you. Here’s how to buy on Zaim.

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Website Design

It’s fundamental to use professional websites especially designed for the vacation rental management industry.

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