Our Goals

Zaim’s goal is to provide dynamic and innovative cloud-based solutions for professional agencies which manage significant numbers of vacation rental properties. We provide agencies the tools to stay ahead of the market, in order to empower their businesses, maximize resources and drive growth. The vacation rental industry is in a period of transformation and expansion. Zaim commitment is to provide agencies the tools specially designed for their needs with the best customer service experience possible. These solutions are specialized in the vacation rental industry, and can be used as stand-alone solutions, or integrated together for a full all-in-one solution and are all fully backed up by a dedicated customer service team.

Providers’ intranet

An advanced mobile responsive feature to manage the entire process of cleaning and the change over service providers such as housekeepers and maintenance teams.

Check-in online

An integrated check-in online to allow tourists to provide all their details before arrival. This information can be exported to authorities if needed.

No booking fees or commissions

We provide transparent pricing structures with no hidden costs, so you know exactly how much you will pay and when, so you can plan your business finances.

Harmony task automation

An industry-leading automation tool, with customizable tasks to fulfill business needs. Automate guest reviews, payments reminders, guest and owner communications to save 40% of monthly resources.

Guest area

A tourist log-in to increase re-bookings by creating a better guest experience. Fully customizable with accommodation details, area guides, check-in online, upscale opportunities, guest reviews and re-book facilities.

Extensive business and financial reports

Produce a selection of robust and exportable reports automatically to manage your business including contractual owners payments, arrivals, departures and business profitability.

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Yield management software

Increase booking profitability, through the use of a variable pricing strategy, based on an extensive data analysis of the maximum revenue obtainable in different scenarios.

Integrated Vacation Rental Channel Manager available

Smooth one click integrated Channel Manager, to distribute easily to over 60 vacation rental portals worldwide.

Secure owner log-in

Use a market leading owner's area to give password protected access to individual owner operational information, contracts, customizable settlements and reports.

Promotional codes

A feature to create promotional codes and send them to your customers in order to obtain specific discounts when making a booking on your website.

Additional services

An extra services feature increases the value of the reservation by offering profitable optional extras to the tourist.

PCI DSS Compliant

Protect your company from theft and cybercrime, through using the PCI DSS compliant processes to store and manage credit card data from your guests.

Dynamic booking calendar

Get an instant overview with easy navigation of all your reservations and availabilities to maximize sales opportunities and manage bookings.

No installation required

All the software and features are cloud-based, which means that our team of technicians can manage and make improvements to your software, keeping you up-to-date at all times.

Live chat, email & telephone support

Our customer service team is here to provide you with full set-up training and ongoing support for your business needs, in over 6 languages.

Management System

At Zaim, we provide a Vacation Rental Management System, VRMS, to
support agencies managing substantial numbers of properties. We
supply a PMS dedicated to short-term rentals, which our team of
technicians are continuously evolving to give you the tools that you
need to thrive.

Automate your business

Optimize resources spent on management and scheduling tasks using our industry-leading automated admin tools! Benefit from Harmony Task Automation, check-in online and the Providers & Housekeepers area, designed to ease the management of large numbers of properties.

Lower your management costs

Make significant savings with the rules-based software: apply rules to multiple scenarios instead of wasting valuable hours creating individual tasks! Set up properties with flexible prices and occupancy, manage owners’ needs with customizable documentation and communicate with guest using multilingual templates and extensive exportable reports.

Everything you need, in one platform

Use our full suite of market-leading, integrated tools, and be confident that all your technical and service needs will be met by Zaim. This includes our intuitive online booking calendar to eradicate double bookings, and PCI DSS compliant payment processes so you can grow your reservations and business through great guest and owner relationships.

Channel Manager

Presenting all the features of your properties to your ideal customer
base is essential for growth. So we offer a fully integrated Channel
Manager solution for vacation rentals with connections to the best
channels around, to bring your agency lucrative results.

Receive bookings from across the world

Present your properties to potential guests across the world, with the best 2-way API XML connections with over 60 hand-picked portals. These include global portals reaching millions of visitors daily, and local portals attracting tourists for specific markets.

Flexible product to suit you

The Zaim Channel Manager can be used either as a standalone product with optional extra services to optimize your management processes or use it fully integrated in our vacation PMS!

Benefit from our Preferred Partnerships

Thanks to our Preferred Partnership programme, you can enter into an exclusive Channel Manager solution! Zaim offers all of our Preferred Partners for free and we don't charge any percentage of your

Web Design

It’s fundamental to use professional websites especially designed for the
vacation rental management industry.Whichever you choose, the result
will be a beautiful website, fully integrated with the Zaim software and
channel manager. Your agency will be professionally represented with
your brand, with essential, high converting tools and carefully planned
processes to maximize your online revenue.

Promote your own brand

We offer two options. Create a custom website from scratch with all the features you need, or choose from one of our stunning customizable vacation rental web designs. Whichever option you choose, you will be delighted with the results.

Attract new properties owners

Use a quality website to represent your company brand to your future property owners, complete with dedicated owner tools to nurture long-term relationships and ensure smooth working processes.

It’s all about conversion

We focus on helping you increase your profits. We provide customer friendly designs, streamlined booking and conversion processes with a suite of 11 payment gateways. And of course, all are mobile and tablet responsive.

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