Realestate CRM

  • Contact Management (CRM)

    Efficiently manage your contacts; including landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants; all in one place.
    Track and follow-up on any previous conversations with your contacts and get in touch using the email and text messaging features.

  • Sales & Rentals Listings

    The Sales and Rentals Listings screens allow you to manage your properties in a centralized location, offering a comprehensive view of property information such as owner details, viewing history, marketing description and images.

  • Dashboard Snapshots

    The Dashboard screen provides drag-and-drop widgets for a quick overview of activities, traffic and accountability including snapshot listings, open prospects, closed deals, new contacts, upcoming diary events, to-do tasks and corporate announcements, to name a few.

  • Marketing Tools

    Build your brand at the touch of a button. Creative brochures, email and SMS campaigns, and eye-catching collateral are just some of the marketing and brand-building possibilities you can realize with Zaim.

    Easily showcase and share your best properties on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Lead Management

    Manage all your property inquiries from multiple sources, including auto-imported emails from property portals. Plus, selecting relevant properties for your leads is now a seamless task with the Auto-match feature. In just a few clicks, you can find, organize and send a curated collection of listings to your prospects using a custom corporate email template.

  • Deals Management

    The Deals module is a unified system to track sales and rental deals including individual commissions. Effortlessly generate transaction documents such as invoices, receipts and contracts.

  • Diary & To-Do Tasks

    Manage your appointments and activities, link invitations to prospects and colleagues, and set task reminders, all in one convenient location.

    Never lose track of upcoming commitments by syncing your diary with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or with any smartphone device.

    Manage your workflow by recording and tracking your daily tasks with the To-Do Tasks screen, while easily monitoring your priorities and deadlines.

  • Landlords & Tenants

    Manage your landlords and tenants in a single place, record personal contact details and track their respective tenancy contracts and amounts.

    Landlords and tenants can be granted access to dedicated secured portals to apply for maintenance requests, approve work orders and view Statement of Accounts.

  • Unit Management

    Oversee your managed properties in a single place, including their related work orders, leases and documentation.

    Add important notes on-the-go and attach relevant documents to the properties.

  • Lease Management

    Manage new and existing tenancy contracts for your managed properties, and set up automated reminders for contract renewals.

    Record fees payable on the contracts and the preferred payment mode for the rent from the tenants.

  • Accounts Management

    Record credit and debit transactions for your managed properties and handle outstanding bills to settle.

    Clear outstanding amounts through Landlord Deposits held for each managed property.

    Seamlessly generate Statement of Accounts to send to your clients.

  • Work Orders

    Record and schedule maintenance work orders for any unit and assign it to the concerned Property Manager. The work orders and expenses involved can then be recorded and tracked by the Property Manager until resolved.

  • Projects and Phases

    Oversee your development projects and construction phases in one place.

    Seamlessly maintain and update their construction progress, marketing images, floor plans, legal documentation and features.

    Share updates across your team instantly.

  • Inventory Management

    Conveniently manage your property units using the Inventory Management screen. Maintain information such as property details, pricing, price history, current and previous owners, payment schedules, marketing images, floor plans, launch status and availability status.

  • Client Management

    Efficiently manage customer information and their relevant documentation. Assign clients to your agents and track their conversation history. Send payment statements, reminders and notices to clients via emails or SMS messages.

  • Documents and Marketing Collateral

    Upload and share marketing collateral such as brochures and floor plans with your team and clients.

    Generate and print auto-populated Reservation forms and Purchase Agreements on-the-go for clients.

  • Track and Manage Payments

    Record payment transactions and track the payment history of every unit sold in your development. Send Statement of Accounts to your clients to keep them updated of their current and future payments.

  • Payment Schedules and Pricing Updates

    Generate construction-linked or calendar-based payment schedules for your developments. Effortlessly apply bulk updates to prices of available properties as a percentage or fixed amount. This feature is widely used when launching a development phase or advertising a price reduction campaign.

  • Listing Sharing

    Seamlessly share projects and available units with real estate agencies using the Zaim platform. The real-time sync allows the agencies to view latest listings at all times, and submit booking forms with client information directly to you.

Zaim Tools

Zaim offers a different tool for channel partners like Real Estate CRM for
Real Estate Companies to manage, market & close deals, Zaim VRMS for
Vacation Rental and Property management companies, Well Designed
websites & marketing tools.


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Website Design

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